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Alberta Heritage Fund Rail Cars #01

New Blog

I’ve started a new blog and most of my attention has been going there. It’s about my thrift shopping/vintage goods dealing and it’s located at I do have some stuff to upload here, namely picture from Sled Island 2012 that I’ve been too lazy to sort through for coming up on 2 years now, I know…I know.

Rat Rod Bike Buildoff #6

While I am doubtful to participate due to work and school wasting taking up all my time I’d just like to point out to anyone who may be reading that the Rat Rod Bike Buildoff #6 has begun over at Rat Rod Bikes. While there are many cycling and bike building forums out there I enjoy RRB the most because it’s really friendly and laid back and for the most part it’s not about who can buy the nicest cutting edge components and slap them together it’s more about finding something in rough shape and turning it into something that looks cool but is still meant to be ridden. While reading the project logs building up to the final vote might not be for everyone I think that browsing through the finished bikes is something most people will get a kick out off, check out the previous gallery of finalists here.

Adding to the stable – 1945 Westfield Columbia Compax Paratrooper

Here’s my new oldest bike. It’s a skiptooth 1945 Westfield Columbia Paratrooper. I had it shipped from the states so it wasn’t cheap but it was just too cool to pass up! It comes apart into 2 pieces and the handlebars fold down. It was originally designed this way so that it can be strapped to a paratrooper jumping out of a plane, how cool is that? The design was popular even after the war so they kept producing them and that’s what mine is. Check out the National Bicycle History Archive of America for their cool article on this bike.

IMG_0882.JPG IMG_0883.JPG IMG_0884.JPG IMG_0885.JPG IMG_0886.JPG IMG_0887.JPG

Current Project: 1947 Ladies CCM Roadster

This is a bike I’m currently building up, well technically it’s just sitting in the garage but the idea is that I will at some point when I’m not working or doing school work. As much as it will cheese off the purests out there it will end up being a mix of the original and newer parts. The plan is to make it look something like a dutch bike, for example the Pashley Princess. I found the bike in its current form at the antique mall for $50, literally in a snow bank outside. It’s missing the headbadge and has quite a bit of rust as well as the rear wheel area is out of wack so there will be some bending to get it back in shape before things get started. But for a 64 year old it’s got pretty decent bones. The front fork is straight which is the #1 thing I looked at when considering buying it because the chances of finding another fork for a reasonable price are pretty slim. I’m planning to strip it down to bare metal (hopefully the restoration purests stopped reading before that) and paint it a as yet undecided color and switch the wheels to a 3 speed 26 x 1 3/8 wheelset  which as a bonus (to the future rider) will lower the bike 3cm from the current 28 x 1 1/2 wheels. I do currently have a pretty full stable of bikes but right now this one is the oldest…I am however waiting for a package from the mailman with a bike of 1945 vintage. Here she is, don’t mind the mess:

Project: Vintage Clock Refinishing

This is a made in the USA between 1945-1949 telechron clock model #3H151 “The Pharaoh” I bought and refinished for my lovely girlfriend for christmas. I used Minwax pre-stain wood conditioner (helps to get an even finish, so says the can) and Minwax Wood Finish Golden Pecan 245. It came out a fair bit darker and more orange than I was expecting but still looks great in my opinion and she seemed to like it. I also gave it a new plug in because the old one was pretty scary with exposed wires.



SNFU, E-Town Beat Down and Burn Hollywood Burn @ New City April 26 2009 (I think)

Wheew it has been awhile! I’ve got some pictures kicking around to post but I’ll get to those as I can but first here’s the crazy crazy SNFU show pictures. It was a long time ago so I might have the wrong name for the one (not Edmonton) band but y’know that’s how it goes.

Burn Hollywood Burn

burnhollywoodburn032.jpeg burnhollywoodburn034.jpeg burnhollywoodburn037.jpeg

E-Town Beatdown

etbd039.jpeg etbd040.jpeg etbd046.jpeg etbd052.jpeg etbd056.jpeg etbd060.jpeg etbd062.jpeg etbd063.jpeg etbd065.jpeg etbd066.jpeg etbd067.jpeg


snfu069.jpeg snfu079.jpeg snfu080.jpeg snfu086.jpeg snfu090.jpeg snfu092.jpeg snfu096.jpeg snfu098.jpeg snfu099.jpeg snfu105.jpeg snfu107.jpeg

BA Johnston @ The Wunderbar March 22 2009

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures at this one because I only had my little party camera but it was such an awesome show I couldn’t help it! Click for the pictures!!
BAjohnston2322.JPG BAjohnston2326.JPG BAjohnston2329.JPG BAjohnston2336.JPG BAjohnston2337.JPG BAjohnston2340.JPG BAjohnston2341.JPG BAjohnston2344.JPG BAjohnston2349.JPG

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Trip – Sunsets and whatnot

I miss it so much already. Here’s the sunset collection

DSC00591.jpg DSC00596.jpg DSC00597.JPG DSC02177.jpg DSC02178.jpg DSC02249.jpg

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Trip – I LOVE SAILBOATS!!

Seriously, sailboats, coolest looking things ever. Click to see a sampling of the bazillion pictures of boats I took!

DSC00477.JPG DSC00479.JPG DSC00515.jpg DSC00533.jpg DSC00536.jpg DSC00556.JPG DSC00564.jpg DSC00582.jpg DSC00627.jpg DSC00634.jpg DSC00639.jpg DSC00649.JPG DSC02115.jpg DSC02121.jpg DSC02138.JPG DSC02146.jpg DSC02148.jpg DSC02165.jpg