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The Old Wives and The Blame-its @ The Wunderbar June 21 2008

Probably one of my more head smackingly stupid mistakes in awhile. I was using my camera to take some pictures for ebay and since I’m lazy I changed the setting to take real small pictures so I wouldn’t have to resize them. Can you guess where I’m going with this? Yeah I never changed the size back before this show. I suck. So anywho click the more link to see the facebook sized pictures.

The Old Wives

DSC00702.JPG DSC00704.JPG DSC00706.JPG DSC00713.JPG DSC00715.JPG DSC00738.JPG DSC00744.JPG DSC00746.JPG DSC00749.JPG DSC00755.JPG DSC00757.JPG DSC00760.JPG DSC00772.JPG

The Blame-its

DSC00788.JPG DSC00790.JPG DSC00801.JPG DSC00805.JPG DSC00806.JPG DSC00808.JPG DSC00811.JPG DSC00814.JPG DSC00815.JPG DSC00817.JPG DSC00819.JPG DSC00820.JPG DSC00835.JPG DSC00839.JPG

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