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Warped Tour Calgary August 6 2008 Race City Speedway

Made the trip out to Calgary for Warped Tour for the first time in years and years. Why this year? mc chris that’s why. It was awesome. Lots of really fun bands. Snapped pictures of The Ore Ska Band, The Bronx, Norma Jean, The Street Dogs and of course mc chris! Check it yo

The Bronx

bronx01.JPG bronx02.JPG bronx03.JPG bronx04.JPG bronx05.JPG

mc chris

mcchris01.jpg mcchris02.jpg mcchris03.jpg

Norma Jean

normajean01.jpg normajean02.jpg normajean03.jpg

The Ore Ska Band

oreska01.JPG oreska02.JPG oreska03.JPG oreska04.JPG oreska05.JPG oreska06.JPG oreska07.JPG

The Street Dogs

streetdogs01.JPG streetdogs02.JPG streetdogs03.JPG streetdogs04.JPG streetdogs05.JPG streetdogs06.JPG streetdogs07.JPG

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