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Still kickin

I’m still alive. I’d lost my nice camera after a show and so I held out as long as I could on buying a new one hoping that someone would call my phone number that is on a sticker on it but it hasn’t turned up and as a side note the EPS lost and found system is stuck in the 70’s (it’s a duotang with what has been returned to that station only, not kidding.). But anyways I have a couple websites to share. One related to camera losing, it’s a blog called Found Camera’s and Orphaned Pictures where if say you found a Sony DSC-H3 digital camera when you got into a yellowcab in Edmonton you would grab the pictures off the memory card and send some of them to that website and they will post a entry for the owner to hopefully one day find. It’s also neat to just look at strangers pictures. The other one is the blog of a rad local cab driver who I met the other day, it’s called TaxiTalk it has lots of interesting stories and insights.

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