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Fujifilm NP-120 = Long Life Battery For Drift HD170 Action Camera

I picked up locally (for dirt cheap!) the well out of date but quite capable Drift HD170 action cam and have been playing around with it for the last little while. Because of it’s out of dated-ness accessories for it are scarce and crazy expensive! I did manage to snag the external mic adapter off eBay (for the same $ as what I got the camera, oof) which just left additional batteries to source. The Drift branded ones are really expensive and have the distinct possibility of having sat on a shelf for 5-10 YEARS and even the off brand ones marketed to users of this camera seemed way more expensive than similarly sized batteries. The aftermarket batteries are further complicated by a lot of them using stock images which leave a bit of a question on if they are actually going to be replacements for the stock HD170 battery or the larger (capacity and physical size) extended battery. In my research one of the aftermarket manufacturers thankfully had a single listing covering BOTH the HD170 Long Life battery and Fujifilm NP-120! There are waaaaaaay more listings for Fujifilm NP-120 batteries and for much cheaper. I was able to get a 2 pack off amazon for $12! One thing to watch out for is that Casio has a totally different shapped battery that is also NP-120 so make sure it’s the Fujifilm one. I’ve charged them up in the camera and they work great.

If anyone knows a source for the “proprietary” AV connection I’d love to hear, it looks so familiar. I’d be willing to poke around the drift 3.5mm audio adapter if there was any benefit to doing so.

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