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New Blog

I’ve started a new blog and most of my attention has been going there. It’s about my thrift shopping/vintage goods dealing and it’s located at I do have some stuff to upload here, namely picture from Sled Island 2012 that I’ve been too lazy to sort through for coming up on 2 years now, […]

Rat Rod Bike Buildoff #6

While I am doubtful to participate due to work and school wasting taking up all my time I’d just like to point out to anyone who may be reading that the Rat Rod Bike Buildoff #6 has begun over at Rat Rod Bikes. While there are many cycling and bike building forums out there I […]

Adding to the stable – 1945 Westfield Columbia Compax Paratrooper

Here’s my new oldest bike. It’s a skiptooth 1945 Westfield Columbia Paratrooper. I had it shipped from the states so it wasn’t cheap but it was just too cool to pass up! It comes apart into 2 pieces and the handlebars fold down. It was originally designed this way so that it can be strapped […]

Still kickin

I’m still alive. I’d lost my nice camera after a show and so I held out as long as I could on buying a new one hoping that someone would call my phone number that is on a sticker on it but it hasn’t turned up and as a side note the EPS lost and […]

Status Update

I got the site set up and more or less running how I’d like it. I put up and past-dated maybe half (probably less) of the old galleries. I can’t seem to find the resized versions but I know I have them somewhere. I’ll track them down and post them some other day though. Slowly […]

Getting going

Okay so I’ve been farting around with this for awhile. Tried probably 9 different wordpress gallery plugins and I think I finally have a simple and fast set up going. I’m using the Image Post Wizard plugin with a couple little modifications and it’s by far the fastest and easiest to use of the bunch […]

Where’d everything go?

The photo gallery got hacked so I had to take it down. And I had a cold and was on lots of delicious medicine so I thought it would be a good idea to try to streamline this old hunk-o-whatever. So y’know…it might be awhile before I get it set up. Sorry?