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Alberta Heritage Fund Rail Cars #01

SNFU, E-Town Beat Down and Burn Hollywood Burn @ New City April 26 2009 (I think)

Wheew it has been awhile! I’ve got some pictures kicking around to post but I’ll get to those as I can but first here’s the crazy crazy SNFU show pictures. It was a long time ago so I might have the wrong name for the one (not Edmonton) band but y’know that’s how it goes. […]

BA Johnston @ The Wunderbar March 22 2009

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures at this one because I only had my little party camera but it was such an awesome show I couldn’t help it! Click for the pictures!!

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Trip – Sunsets and whatnot

I miss it so much already. Here’s the sunset collection

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Trip – I LOVE SAILBOATS!!

Seriously, sailboats, coolest looking things ever. Click to see a sampling of the bazillion pictures of boats I took!

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Trip – Everything Else

Just random images from around PV. Click to view!

3rd Annual Folk For Food Benefit @ Wunderbar Dec 5 2008

A really rad show to support the Edmonton Food Bank featuring Bubby Walker, Mike Sadava, Ben Disaster, Locution Revolution and Jake Ian. Click for pictures

Tumbao Vibe @ On The Rocks November 27 2008

Here’s a handful of pictures of the salsa band Tumbao Vibe, check it!

Chixdiggit, The Old Wives and The Blame-its @ New City September 26

A craaaazy fun show!

Calgary Zoo August 7 2008

Here’s my pictures from the Calgary zoo!