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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico Trip – Everything Else

Just random images from around PV. Click to view!

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Still kickin

I’m still alive. I’d lost my nice camera after a show and so I held out as long as I could on buying a new one hoping that someone would call my phone number that is on a sticker on it but it hasn’t turned up and as a side note the EPS lost and found system is stuck in the 70’s (it’s a duotang with what has been returned to that station only, not kidding.). But anyways I have a couple websites to share. One related to camera losing, it’s a blog called Found Camera’s and Orphaned Pictures where if say you found a Sony DSC-H3 digital camera when you got into a yellowcab in Edmonton you would grab the pictures off the memory card and send some of them to that website and they will post a entry for the owner to hopefully one day find. It’s also neat to just look at strangers pictures. The other one is the blog of a rad local cab driver who I met the other day, it’s called TaxiTalk it has lots of interesting stories and insights.

3rd Annual Folk For Food Benefit @ Wunderbar Dec 5 2008

A really rad show to support the Edmonton Food Bank featuring Bubby Walker, Mike Sadava, Ben Disaster, Locution Revolution and Jake Ian. Click for pictures (Continued)

Tumbao Vibe @ On The Rocks November 27 2008

Here’s a handful of pictures of the salsa band Tumbao Vibe, check it! (Continued)

Chixdiggit, The Old Wives and The Blame-its @ New City September 26

A craaaazy fun show! (Continued)

Calgary Zoo August 7 2008

Here’s my pictures from the Calgary zoo!


Warped Tour Calgary August 6 2008 Race City Speedway

Made the trip out to Calgary for Warped Tour for the first time in years and years. Why this year? mc chris that’s why. It was awesome. Lots of really fun bands. Snapped pictures of The Ore Ska Band, The Bronx, Norma Jean, The Street Dogs and of course mc chris! Check it yo (Continued)

Jake Ian and guests @ The Blackdog July 26

A handful of black and white pictures because I am to lazy to try to edit down the red and yellow stage lights, besides everyone loves black and white pictures! (Continued)

The Jolts and The Old Wives @ New City July 25

Rock and roll! (Continued)

MSTRKRFT and Bookashade @ Starlite Room July 24

This show was absolutely incredible…the 50 cent highballs downstairs certainly didn’t hurt. Stupid new legislation to get rid of awesome deals. Click for the pictures! (Continued)