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The Jolts and The Old Wives @ New City July 25

Rock and roll! (Continued)

MSTRKRFT and Bookashade @ Starlite Room July 24

This show was absolutely incredible…the 50 cent highballs downstairs certainly didn’t hurt. Stupid new legislation to get rid of awesome deals. Click for the pictures! (Continued)

Jake Ian and guests, Fat Dave and Liam Harvey Oswald @ Axis Cafe July 4

This was the CD release show for Jake Ian‘s new album Sunset Estates. You should pick it up if you haven’t already it’s super duper! Onward to the pictures.. (Continued)

The Old Wives and The Blame-its @ The Wunderbar June 21 2008

Probably one of my more head smackingly stupid mistakes in awhile. I was using my camera to take some pictures for ebay and since I’m lazy I changed the setting to take real small pictures so I wouldn’t have to resize them. Can you guess where I’m going with this? Yeah I never changed the size back before this show. I suck. So anywho click the more link to see the facebook sized pictures. (Continued)

Paper Ghosts @ The Wunderbar June 12 2008

Click for the pictures from the Paper Ghosts EP release show! (Continued)

Summerlad, Mahogany Frog and Murder! Mutiny! & the Zazaza’s @ Velvet Underground April 25 2008

Forgot I had pictures from this show on my camera…I also had two of the bands names switched. Yep this is a tight ship we run around here! (Continued)

Status Update

I got the site set up and more or less running how I’d like it. I put up and past-dated maybe half (probably less) of the old galleries. I can’t seem to find the resized versions but I know I have them somewhere. I’ll track them down and post them some other day though. Slowly but surely.

The Riff Randells, The Blame-its and The Old Wives @ Velvet Underground May 23 2008


iD, Jake Ian and Murder! Mutiny! & the ZaZaZa’s @ The Wunderbar March 29 2008


Getting going

Okay so I’ve been farting around with this for awhile. Tried probably 9 different wordpress gallery plugins and I think I finally have a simple and fast set up going. I’m using the Image Post Wizard plugin with a couple little modifications and it’s by far the fastest and easiest to use of the bunch I tried. So now I’m going to start getting some of the old galleries back up in there new format! I might backdate the older ones so that it’s easier to browse by actual date of the shows but I’m not entirely sure yet.